6 Lessons Learned:

What to Pack and What Not to When Going to Disney

Disney World is among the most visited places in Florida. While it is sure that visiting Disney World will be worthwhile, you have to ensure that you pack the right items for your trip. The packing list that you need to observe when visiting Disney is as presented below.

You have to pack a pair of comfortable walking shoes if you are visiting Disney. You will be walking a lot while here, and having a pair of comfortable shoes will be excellent. You need to choose shoes that you have one before so that they are broken in, and you can avoid getting blisters. You can carry band-aids if you get blisters easily.

You need to carry an extra pair of socks if you are visiting Disney. You will be likely to have wet feet from a ride, walking a lot, or a thunderstorm. Having a change of socks will keep your feet warm.

A mini-fan is an essential item to pack if you are visiting Disney. If your visit is during the hot season, then it can be really hot out in the sun and when waiting in the lines. You can carry a mini-fan that is operated on a battery to help keep you cool.

Be sure to pack skincare products when visiting Disney World. Also remember that you will be in the sun, and essential elements such as sunglasses, hand sanitizer, lip balm, and sunscreen will come in handy.

You must pack a reusable water bottle if you are visiting Disney. Carrying water for yourself around will help you keep hydrated and reduce your expenses of purchasing drinks at the park. You can even ask for water and ice at different stands throughout the park. You can choose a bottle that is not made of glass for this trip.

Another essential to pack if you are visiting Disney is a wide range of snacks that do not require refrigeration. Carrying your own snacks will help you cut your costs and easily access what you need to keep your energy.

Tag along with a stroller if you are visiting Disney with your child. You also have the option to rent a stroller at the park.

An umbrella or poncho is essential to keep yourself dry as you visit Disney World. Florida is known for thunderstorms even during summer, which is why you should bring an umbrella or poncho with you.

You must pack pain medication when visiting Disney. You will find pain medication to be useful in case you get sore muscles or have a headache.

You need to carry a bug repellent when visiting Disney. Bugs can be an issue in Florida because it is hot and humid most of the year.

Among the items to avoid carrying to Disney World are firearms, pepper spray, marijuana or marijuana products, glass containers, artificial noisemakers, and recreational devices such as remote control toys and skateboards.